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What is marriage tax?

Marriage tax is a term used to describe the difference in tax liabilities between married couples and individuals who are not married. It refers to the fact that sometimes a married couple may end up paying more tax than if they were single.

How does marriage tax work?

Marriage tax happens when a married couple’s combined income pushes them into a higher tax bracket, resulting in a higher tax bill than if they were single and filing as individuals. The tax brackets for married couples are not double the amount for individuals, which can result in a higher tax bill for married couples.

How can I avoid marriage tax?

There is no way to avoid marriage tax as it is a function of the tax system. However, some married couples may benefit from filing separately instead of jointly. This can be beneficial if one spouse has a significant amount of deductions or if the couple’s combined income would push them into a higher tax bracket.

Does marriage tax apply to same-sex couples?

Yes, marriage tax applies to same-sex couples who are legally married and file jointly. The tax brackets and rules are the same for all married couples regardless of gender.

Are there any tax benefits to getting married?

Yes, there are some tax benefits to getting married, such as being able to file jointly and take advantage of certain deductions and credits that are not available to single individuals.

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